Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My daily workout routine

Everyday I eat lots of pasta while playing Madden '11 for 30 minutes, then I switch to NHL 2004 (the best one!) for 20 minutes, then I play Shaun White Snowboarding for 50 minutes, then I take a 15 minute break to cool down, Then I play FIFA 11 for 45 minutes, and finally I finish up with some Mario Superstar Baseball, for an hour!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A handful of reasons NOT to go outside

1. You can get bitten by mosquito's, causing West Nile ( ) or Malaria ( )

2. People are retarded or something and let their big ass dogs walk without leashes, which can lead to you being attacked and getting Rabies ( ), and that is assuming you are lucky enough you don't get mauled to death by the dog.

3. Poppy seed sized bugs, called Ticks, can give you Lyme Disease, which can cause "Many disabling symptoms can occur, including permanent paraplegia in the most extreme cases" ( )

4. Bears can attack and kill you

5. Getting hit by a car

6. The sun releases radiation, which can give you skin cancer ( ), Heat illness ( ), and burns.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sid Meier's Civilization V review

I recently picked up Sid Meier's Civilization V, and I must say, It is a great MMORPG! I play as an Ork Paladin, and I really love the ability they have to summon minions! The games story is flawless, you play as a guy named Niko Bellic who moves to Italy to fight the Mob. The gameplay is smooth, with interactive and non-linear environments, which are so beautiful naturally the only system that can run it is Nintendo's PSP, making it exclusive to that. It is super easy to level up your character, almost as easy as it was in Duke Nukem 2D.

If you have a Nintendo PSP, I recommend buying Sid Meier's Civilization V!

Spearman's Game of the Year awards

All these that won GOTY will get a review :thumbsup:


The best MMORPG of the year is: Sid Meier's Civilization V!

Best Puzzle game:

The best puzzle game of the year is Modern Warfare 3!

Best action-adventure game:

The best action-adventure game of the year is World of Warcraft: Old World Blues!

best RPG of the year:

The best RPG of the year is: F3AR!

Best Survival-Horror of the year:

The best Survival-Horror of the year is: Peggle: Cataclysm!

Best Racing of the year:

The best racing game of the year is: Bit.trip Runner!

Best Family Game:

The best Family Game of the year is: Manhunt!

Best Casual Game:

The best Casual Game of the year is: Super street fucker IV: porn edition!

and finally

Best Game of the Year all years every year:

The best Game of the Year all years every year is: Ricochet!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Gran Turismo copied Super Street Fighter 4: Arkham Island edition?

I picked up the arcade style fighting game, Gran Turismo, today, for Sony's Atari, and I noticed the character models look exactly like the ones in my favorite driving game, for Nintendo's iPad, Super Street Fighter 4: Arkham Island edition! I then realize, Gran Turismo copied areas to fight in, like "Crowded Volcanic Rim", Which was in the driving game Super Street Fighter 4: Arkham Island edition, also! And the story is a direct copy, In both games you are a kid named Jimmy Neutron! And on both games the environments are stunning, I didn't think environments could get any better then in Pong, but they are in this game!

I do not recommend Gran Turismo for Sony's Atari, instead I recommend you stick to the original, Super Street Fighter 4: Arkham Island edition, which is for Nintendo's well loved iPad.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WarioWare copied Team Fortress 2?

 I picked up WarioWare: Wrath of the Lich King for Apple's 3DS, and the first thing I thought is; "I think i've seen this before!". I ignored it as I played as Daisy, doing the 5 minute puzzles. Then I turned on my favorite game, Hat Fortress 2, and went to my favourites, and saw a WarioWare server! Here is proof if anyone needs it:! Does anyone know Bobby Kotick's phone number, so I can tell him WarioWare is copying his game? What do you guys think of this obvious copy??

League of Legends review

I played this game 26/7 for the past week, and I've noticed a few things about the game play. The first thing is, It copied "My Little Brony: Friendship is for Faggots" with the ability to purchase items to enhance your penis size! It also copied World of Warcraft: Blue Shift with the ability to brutally rip apart the enemy and use his bones as weapons against the enemies! For now, that is enough for the game play. Let's move onto the story. The story is about a young kid named Ezio, who get's stranded on a space ship which then crashes into Mars! I then instantly recognized that story, as the one from Mine Craft, where Nathan Drake also lands on Mars and has to kill space aliens with his fists to survive! Story is very important to me in a game, and this game obviously copies the story from Super Mario Bros. The environments are so well rendered for Sony's Xbox 360 that I don't think that any console could ever load them, not even a gaming computer! The thing I don't like about the environments, is that, like the game Super Meat Boy, it's an open world! I much would of preferred a linear game like Crytek 2, where you go from Point A to Point B without any room to explore for secrets or glitches, because then you don't have to do any thinking about where to go next! I also noticed that it copied some environments from Rag doll Kung fu, a game for the Game application Origin. In terms of character design, this game gets a 10/10, though I believe it did copy Arkham Island by putting Captain Price in the game.

I do not recommend that you buy this game for the Sony Xbox 360, unless you have a lot of money!

Batman: Arkham Island review

The first thing about Batman: Arkham Island is it copied Modern Warfare 2's original feature to kill people without guns! I was outraged that they would copy Modern Warfare 2's hand to hand combat without giving them any credit! The next thing I noticed was Batman was wearing all black, but he's white! I do not recommend buying Arkham Island for the Nintendo GameCube, as it copied Pong with the ability to pull people off ledges!

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