Wednesday, 13 July 2011

League of Legends review

I played this game 26/7 for the past week, and I've noticed a few things about the game play. The first thing is, It copied "My Little Brony: Friendship is for Faggots" with the ability to purchase items to enhance your penis size! It also copied World of Warcraft: Blue Shift with the ability to brutally rip apart the enemy and use his bones as weapons against the enemies! For now, that is enough for the game play. Let's move onto the story. The story is about a young kid named Ezio, who get's stranded on a space ship which then crashes into Mars! I then instantly recognized that story, as the one from Mine Craft, where Nathan Drake also lands on Mars and has to kill space aliens with his fists to survive! Story is very important to me in a game, and this game obviously copies the story from Super Mario Bros. The environments are so well rendered for Sony's Xbox 360 that I don't think that any console could ever load them, not even a gaming computer! The thing I don't like about the environments, is that, like the game Super Meat Boy, it's an open world! I much would of preferred a linear game like Crytek 2, where you go from Point A to Point B without any room to explore for secrets or glitches, because then you don't have to do any thinking about where to go next! I also noticed that it copied some environments from Rag doll Kung fu, a game for the Game application Origin. In terms of character design, this game gets a 10/10, though I believe it did copy Arkham Island by putting Captain Price in the game.

I do not recommend that you buy this game for the Sony Xbox 360, unless you have a lot of money!

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